Farewell to LT Kirkwood

kenny2In August of 2013, Boston University NROTC said farewell LT Kenneth Kirkwood, the First Class Advisor and local Nuclear Power Officer.  His responsibilities included teaching the Naval Science courses on Naval Engineering and Weapons Systems, as well as preparing midshipmen for their nuclear power interviews in Washington D.C.  His experience in various billets onboard the USS Pasadena (SSN 752) and as the Assistant Submarine Operations Officer and Tomahawk Officer with Carrier Strike Group One offered a wide set of knowledge to add depth to his teachings and leadership lessons.  LT Kirkwood hopes that by sharing his career and life experiences with the midshipmen, it will help them make good decisions in the future.  LT Kirkwood’s next assignment will be as a student at the Submarine Officer Advanced Course in Groton, Connecticut before deploying as a department head.

During his tenure as an Assistant Professor of Naval Science, LT Kirkwood completed a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering through Boston University, prepared six Midshipmen for their Nuclear Power Interview with a 100% pass rate, and improved relations with the schools of the Battalion by conducting submarine tours.  During his time as the first class advisor, he has been completely taken aback by how motivated and downright competent all of the midshipmen are.  Known for his high expectations and adherence to standards, LT Kirkwood’s advice to the Battalion is to “Make sure you hold yourselves accountable for setting the example in your organization.  As leaders, we must realize that if we don’t set the standard by our example, we can’t expect the people we lead to follow us”.kenny

LT Kirkwood’s diligent work helped improve the Battalion and his impact on those going on to a nuclear-based service assignment is unforgettable.  In his own words, “I really hope some of you stay in touch and let me know about your adventures in the fleet”.  To LT Kirkwood, we wish you fair winds, following seas and the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Written by: MIDN 1/c William Thibault


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