Hail to LT Stempel

Holy Cross MEC 001Before donning officer bars, LT Stempel was an enlisted Electronics technician aboard submarines.  He picked up a Seaman-to-Admiral 21 package and began his career as a Naval officer. After attending the Naval Science Institute in Rhode Island, he attended Auburn University in Alabama as a member of their NROTC unit. After graduating from nuclear power school, LT Stempel was first assigned to the fast attack submarine, USS Lousville SSN 724. He met his boat at Pearl Harbor where she was already in the middle of a western pacific patrol known as WESTPAC.  One of his first billets was the Reactors Controls Assistant for the plant aboard the submarine. LT Stempel says this is where he faced one of his greatest challenges as an officer: he had to lead a division that was undermanned and tasked with a heavy maintenance load. He credits being actively involved with the tasks at hand and taking accountability of his enlisted with utmost scrutiny to have helped him through this challenge. Spending two WESTPAC deployments in key areas of the pacific including the Philippines, Guam, and Malaysia amongst others, LT Stempel earned his dolphins on Valentine’s Day of 2012. As a LTJG, LT Stempel was given the collateral billet aboard the sub as the Force Protection Officer. With this billet he received training in the implementation of laser warning systems in protection of a submarine when pulling into port.  Later, he had the collateral billet Quality Assurance Officer, tasked with overseeing maintenance at the dry docks and coordinating when and how retesting was to be performed. LT Stempel is happy to be at MIT, serving as the 2/c and 1/c advisor and Submarine advocate.  He is currently pursuing entrance to a Master program at MIT for Supply Chain Management or an MBA. His hobbies include golf, mountain biking, and hiking.

Written by: MIDN 3/c Jimmy Castano

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