Terrier Cup Regatta

Holy Cross midshipmen win the Terrier Cup

Heavy winds and chilly temperatures did not stop the midshipmen from the Boston Consortium and Holy Cross NROTC from sailing on the relentless Charles River.  On October 12th, the midshipmen competed for the annual Terrier Cup Regatta.  The defending champs were from MIT Company; but who would take it home this year?  Steady wind and the 14 boat roster made for good competition and lots of capsizing and swimming in the Charles.  Nearly everyone took a dunk and capsized their boat at some point in the regatta.  This provided some good entertainment for the dry midshipmen on the docks and on the race committee.

MIDN 1/c Sacher and MIDN 2/c Patel
MIDN 1/c Sacher and MIDN 2/c Patel


The teams were split up into three heats where the top two finishers of each heat would advance to the final.  In the final two championship races, the Executive Officer of the Holy Cross NROTC Unit, CDR Jamie Godwin, joined in and sailed with another Holy Cross midshipmen.  After two strong finishes, Holy Cross’s MIDN 2/c Axelsson cruised to victory and secured the coveted Terrier Cup.  Back at the BU sailing pavilion, CAPT Steven Benke applauded the sailors for their sportsmanship and presented the top three finishers with their awards.  Next year, the BU Company NROTC sailors hope to win back the title and be recognized as the Terrier Cup champions.

Written by: MIDN 3/c Robert Conkey

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