Honor Flight New England

photo_5More than 60 veterans left Logan Airport 28 SEP 2013 enroute to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorial sites dedicated to their service.  To make the Honor Flight even more personal, a group of 28 midshipmen and cadets led by Navy nurse Captain Mary Jo Majors (Ret.) gathered to salute the incoming veterans and honor their service to our country.

Three shuttle buses full of veterans arrived at Logan Airport at 0545 to find Naval ROTC Midshipmen and Air Force ROTC Cadets aligned and saluting.

The early hours did not deter the spirit of family members alongside the midshipmen and cadets as they quickly gathered in the airport lobby to cheer the veterans’ arrival.  All midshipmen and cadets shook each passing veterans’ hand, thanked them for their service, and wished them well on their much-anticipated trip to the nation’s capital.

Honor Flight 066Honor Flight New England offers several flights throughout the year; however, the veterans reached Logan that morning were unaware future military leaders would be awaiting their arrival.  The smiles across their faces spoke a multitude of their appreciation and surprise.  Each midshipman and cadet agreed it was a wonderful way to thank those who served our nation.

Written by: MIDN 3/c Christine Donahue


One thought on “Honor Flight New England”

  1. Excellent article about the Honor Flight event at Logan on 9/28/13! It was indeed a special morning to greet, thank, and spend time with so many WWII veterans! Thank you again to all who helped organize this with me and to all the Boston NROTC MIDN and the AFROTC Cadets who came to the airport to meet the veterans. You are all the best! CAPT Mary Jo Majors, NC, USNR (RET) – Nurse Corps Advisor to Boston NROTC Consortium.

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