Hail to LT Smith

100_3796LT Stephen Smith joined the MIT NROTC Unit Staff this semester as the fourth class advisor.  Prior to reporting to MIT, LT Smith was in HSL-37 in Kaneohe Bay, HI where he flew the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.  He wrote about his 2010 winter deployment on board the USS Crommelin in the western Pacific in the Ho’Okele: Pearl Harbor-Hickam News (http://www.hookelenews.com/back-on-solid-ground-%E2%80%93-hsl-37-detachment-two-returns-home/) and discussed the multiple exercises, operations, and port calls that his detachment experienced.

Steven Smith as a midshipman at Boston University
Steven Smith receives a $2000 check as a midshipman at Boston University (photograph by AFCEA Educational Foundation)

LT Smith studied mathematics at Boston University and commissioned through their NROTC program in 2007.  He is happy to be back in the Boston area, especially for the beautiful autumn weather.  He is greatly enjoying teaching MIT Company midshipmen and is excited to help everyone realize their aviation calling, “I look forward to helping midshipmen figure out that they actually all want to fly.”  His mission as an advisor is to help midshipmen meet their goals “whether academically, physically, or professionally.”  The Boston Battalion is happy to welcome a BU NROTC grad back as an MIT Staff member with a rich experience in the aviation community. 

Written by: MIDN 1/c Carolyn Ross


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