Farewell to LT Minck

MattA great class advisor and a role model for midshipmen, LT Minck will be missed. Leaving for Department head school this September, LT Minck begins his journey back to the fleet as a future Engineering Officer on a nuclear submarine.

As the first class and second class (Senior and Junior) class advisor at MIT, LT Minck worked to help midshipmen succeed in school and NROTC. He prepared prospective nuclear propulsion officers for their nuke interviews in DC. Because LT Minck received his masters in Nuclear Engineering, he could easily relate with MIT midshipmen over the academic rigor of our academic institutions. An example of this happened early one morning during Naval Science class, LT Minck noticed that everyone was struggling to stay awake because of a difficult week of problem sets and exams. LT Minck looked at us and said, “Yeah it has been one of those weeks.” LT Minck knew too well how elusive sleep is as a submariner and a student at MIT.

LT Minck’s constant positive attitude, humble nature, and work ethic embody what we want to strive to be as future officers. LT Minck had everyone’s respect and attention whenever he spoke. There is so much to say, and not enough space to describe his awesomeness. He had a huge impact on influencing my fellow MIT midshipmen in selecting a career in the Nuclear Navy; but more importantly, his example continues to inspire humility and excellence in NROTC.

Farewell and following seas; see you in the fleet.

Written by: MIDN 1/c Joshua Prince


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