Nuclear Power Club Spotlight

The mission of the Boston Battalion Nuclear Power Club is to maintain and create interest in the Navy’s nuclear forces. There are three service selections that this club appeals too: the submarine community, the SWO Nuke community, and restricted line Naval Reactors. This club also functions to help midshipmen selected for the nuclear community prepare for their mandatory interview in Washington DC. This interview is a rite of passage that all nuclear naval officers must pass. It involves solving technical questions as well as a face to face interview with the admiral in charge of the nuclear navy.

Over the summer, MIDN Byrne and Thibault were accepted into the submarine force, MIDN Philbin into the SWO Nuke community, and MIDN Kelley into Naval Reactors. MIDN Ross, Solomon, Sykora, B. Foley and Prince were picked up into the nuke community through service assignment. MIDN Sykora, B. Foley, and Prince have passed their interviews. The rest are preparing for their interviews, which will occur early next year.

In order to maintain and create interest in the nuke force, there have been two meetings this semester and trip to Electric Boat, a commercial facility that builds submarines. In the first meeting, the new fourth class were accepted into the club and informed of the pipeline and befits to the nuke community. Next, each of the different submarine platforms was introduced and recent news that has affected the community was discussed.  In the second meeting, three major nuclear disasters were presented by LT Blair. The causes and the science behind nuclear power were also discussed.

Midshipmen took a trip to Groton, CT for the North Dakota Christening
Midshipmen took a trip to Groton, CT for the North Dakota Christening

The trip to Groton was a special event to see the commissioning of the newest submarine in the fleet, the North Dakota. There was a large turnout for this event. The commission encompassed speeches from senators and admirals and finished this the tradition breaking of a bottle over the hull. The North Dakota brings many new and capable technologies to the fleet. It is probable that some of our midshipmen will one day serve on this submarine.

Nuclear Power Club has concluded its major activities for the semester, but there is still some club activity on the horizon. There is a plan to teach members cribbage, the traditional game of submariners, and have a tournament involving nuke staff and any interested midshipmen. Nuclear Power Club also will continue to help the midshipmen preparing for their interview in Washington DC.

Written by: MIDN 1/c Robert Morgan Kelley


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