Higbee Society Spotlight

imageThe Higbee Society, named after second nurse corps superintendent, Lenah H. Sutcliffe Higbee, is alive and well this semester (no pun intended)! The Higbee Society is comprised of five nurse corps midshipmen and their mentor, CAPT Majors, USN (ret). Society meetings provide the opportunity for this select group of midshipmen to seek guidance about classes, clinical, cruise, and life as a nurse. Though there are few aspiring nurses in the Battalion, with only one commissioning this spring, the group is open to anyone interested in Navy Medicine, good food, and even better company.

For MIDN 3/c Donahue, the Higbee society played an important role in her decision to pursue NROTC. She cites the Higbee tour of the USNS Comfort with CAPT Majors her senior year of high school as “the memory that makes me genuinely enthusiastic about joining in the military. This tour on a hospital ship helped me decide to join the program.” MIDN 3/c Rogers echoes the sentiment, stating, “I always feel highly affirmed in my decision to become a nurse after speaking with these ladies; they are incredibly inspiring and motivating.”

image_2 Some activities in the past include a visit to CAPT Major’s clinic in Chinatown, an evening at the Union Oyster House with a ten pound lobster, discussion in the North End over pasta, a Marquette University Nurse Corps Exchange Symposium, and in early September had the honor of being recognized by the Military Order of the Worlds for their commitment to the Nurse Corps and health of future Navy personnel. Regardless of the activity, members of the Higbee Society can always count on support, networking opportunities, and open, honest discussion about a career in the Nurse Corps.

Written by: MIDN 1/c Grace Collins

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