Aviation Club Spotlight

Club President MIDN 2/c Sarah Verille and Vice President MIDN 1/c Nate Byam-Mooney
Club President MIDN 2/c Sarah Verille and Vice President MIDN 1/c Nate Byam-Mooney

The first monthly meeting of the Aviation Club started the semester on a high note. The lab prior to the meeting set the stage for the event: students had just finished the Aviation Platforms Professional Knowledge Exam (PKE). With the opportunities for their futures fresh in their minds, midshipmen from both sides of the river packed in to a classroom in the Metcalf Science Building. After an informative brief delivered by LT Teeter regarding the timeline and requirements for those interested in the community, the audience had the chance to hear about recent cruise experiences from a few of their senior peers. Hearing MIDN van Hamburg, Foley, McCormick and McCrave share their 1/C Aviation Cruise stories was as entertaining as it was informative- and certainly motivating, as well.

But it is not just the meetings that have made this semester a great one for the club- it has some new opportunities to offer the battalion as well. Courtesy of LT Reed, midshipmen have the chance for some real flight time. Additionally, a tour of the GE plant in Lynn gave those who attended a rare glimpse in to the long, complex, and fascinating process of what goes in to designing and building the engines behind the planes many aspire to someday fly.

The club closes out this semester with a PRK meeting geared towards underclassmen looking for the information they need to ensure their vision qualifies them for possible aviation careers. The Aviation Club looks forward to the Brown Shoe Ceremony next semester for the seniors who service-selected aviation.

Written by: MIDN 2/c Sarah Verille


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