Spec War Club Spotlight

COC 047Led by a dynamic duo of 3/C midshipmen, MIDN Spata and MIDN Love, the Spec War Club started the semester off right with a rendezvous at the Reservoir by Boston College. For the first meeting of the semester, members hit the ground running—literally—which became a reoccurring theme throughout the semester. After a three-mile Indian Run around the Res, the group convened for their first taste of mini-BUD/S. MIDN 1/C Greco provided the group with a quick lesson on how to, “Bust ‘em,” and from that point on it was clear that Spec War knows how to get down to business.

The following week, Spec War Club met again at Boston College with some pool time. Water confidence and swimming proficiency are essential components of becoming a US Navy SEAL or EOD, so they utilized their time in the glorious Plex learning how to swim combat sidestroke. Following the swimming lesson, members performed a PST, or Physical Screening Test; which consists of a 500 yard swim, max push-ups in two minutes, max sit-ups in two minutes, max pull-ups, and a 1.5-mile run. Some other PT escapades this semester included a 5.5-mile run along the Charles River and proudly running along side the MO’s at the Marine Corps Birthday Run.

In addition to the fitness training conducted as a group, Spec War meetings also typically include valuable insight from upperclassmen, who participated in mini-BUD/S over their First Class Summer Cruise. Obtaining as much exposure to the arduous conditions and extreme expectations of the Spec War community prepares members for the difficult reality that they must willingly face and overcome. Through hard work, motivating discussions, and helpful information sharing, the Spec War Club succeeds in its leaders’ goal to foster a proud, tight-knit brotherhood amongst the participating midshipmen.

In order to continue the training for and education of the Spec War Community, the club hopes to continue weekly meetings with PT as well as organize special events for the spring semester. One such event will be a trip to the Navy SEAL Obstacle Course in New York. They also hope to do more PT in boots and BDU pants in an aim to earn higher scores on future PSTs. Aside from the physical aspects of training and education, Spec War Club also hopes to bring in retired enlisted and officer Navy SEAL and EOD guest speakers to hear more about both sides of the Spec War Community.

Written By: MIDN 4/c Brendan Koch

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