PNS Corner

CaptainStevenMBenkeGreetings from Boston!

I am amazed at how fast the semester flew by!  This fall was a very challenging time for our federal government and we felt the impact up here in Boston….furloughing of our government civilians and delays in the stipend and tuition payments to name just a few.  We also went through a major change with the way we conduct freshmen orientation and indoctrination.  The Battalion Commander, MIDN Mic Byrne, along with his Battalion staff and the Company leadership did a great job at responding to each of the challenges they faced. Overall there was very little disruption to the normal battalion activities.

The Battalion was busy during the fall semester.  From a very windy (and cold) Terrier Cup Sailing Regatta to the impressive Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Ball, the semester was very successful.  Both Companies held perfectly executed Pass in Review ceremonies and the midshipmen won both the Curtis Cup at BU and the Joint Field Meet at MIT.  The semester finished strong with a change of command ceremony that featured a motivational speech from NASA Astronaut and Navy SEAL CAPT (sel) Chris Cassidy.  Congratulations to all the Midshipmen for a successful fall semester!

Next semester will bring new challenges and I’m confident that the new Battalion Commander, MIDN Mike Simpson, and his staff will carry on the success from the fall semester.  We have a lot of activities to look forward to including Joint Services Military Balls, the Beaver Cup Sailing Regatta at MIT, the Sheehan Cup at BU, and finishing the school year with the commissioning ceremonies for our graduating seniors.  Continue to work hard at your academics and make the most of your time around campus, it will go by faster than you can imagine!

Written By: CAPT Steven Benke, USN

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