Boston University Joint Service Ball

DSC_4067The Boston University Joint Service Ball commenced on Saturday, February 8th, bringing together midshipmen and cadets from BU’s Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units. Special Guests included the Dean of Students of the School of Management, School of Hospitality and Wellness, and College of Fine Arts. CAPT Steven Benke, LTC Jennifer Bower, and LTC Jeffrey Cook, the Professors and Commanding Officers of the ROTC units, were also in attendance.

The night of festivities began at 1800 in the Metcalf Ballroom in the Boston University George Sherman Union. Midshipman, cadets, officers, and enlisted personnel chatted and socialized as a cocktail hour started the night. The evening proceeded as guests began to enter into the ballroom. The senior class of the ROTC units formed the receiving line to greet the attending officers and special guests. As all guests took their seats, Master of Ceremonies Air Force Cadet Elizondo, formally began the ceremony.

Midshipmen of the Class of 2014

Midshipman 3/C Rebecca Rogers introduced members of the senior class and the respective service communities they would be joining upon commissioning. Their fellow midshipmen showed pride in their soon-to-be commissioned classmates with each announcement, as cheers and applause filled the ballroom. With senior midshipmen representing communities ranging from Navy Special Warfare to Naval Reactor Engineers, the class of 2014 represented the diversity and success that the NROTC program inspires.

The festivities continued throughout the night with dinner and dancing. A special ceremony was also held for the POW’s and MIA’s who were not able to celebrate this wonderful occasion with their military brothers. All in all, the Boston University Joint Service Ball was an extraordinary occasion that will be remembered by all present.

Written by: MIDN 3/c Conner Love

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