MIT Joint Service Ball

Class of 2014 from MIT, Harvard, and Tufts

On Friday evening, March 7th, members of the MIT military community gathered together for the annual MIT Joint Service Ball.  The event was well attended by Navy, Army, and Air Force midshipmen and cadets from the MIT ROTC units.  Special guests included MIT faculty members and the commanding officers of the MIT ROTC units: Captain Steven Benke, Professor of Naval Science; Lieutenant Colonel Adam Edwards, Professor of Military Science; and Lieutenant Colonel Ted Weibel, Professor of Aerospace Studies.


IMGP2950The evening commenced at 1800 with a social and cocktail hour as midshipmen, cadets, officers, and enlisted personnel across the different services chatted and mingled.  When it was time to transition into the ballroom for dinner and the ceremony, the midshipmen and cadets of the Class of 2014 formed a receiving line to welcome and greet the officers and important guests in attendance.   As the ceremony proceeded, each of these graduating midshipmen and cadets was recognized, as well as his or her service assignment following commissioning.  All midshipmen of the Old Ironsides Battalion cheered proudly for their senior class, trying to outdo in volume the cheers of their Army and Air Force counterparts.  The Navy and Marine Corps 1/c midshipmen are: Mic Byrne, Brian Foley, Victoria McCrave, Tyler Mehrman, and Elliot Sykora from MIT; Joshua Prince from Tufts; Catherine Brown, CJ Curtis, and Catherine Philbin from Harvard.  These outstanding senior midshipmen will be serving in a range of communities, from Naval Aviation to Navy Special Warfare.


Although the ball was a joyous occasion, part of the ceremony served to remember and commemorate those POW’s and MIA’s who were not able to join in the celebration.  Festivities continued throughout the evening, as dinner and dancing were enjoyed by all present.  Much camaraderie could be seen among the midshipmen and cadets, strengthening the bonds of friendship formed by a shared desire to serve in the United States military.   The MIT Joint Service Ball will definitely be remembered, and eagerly looked forward to next year.


Written by: MIDN 2/c Bridget McCoy


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