Remarks from the Midshipman BnCO

DSC_4735My name is Michael Simpson and I am the Midshipman Battalion Commanding Officer for Spring 2014. I am a senior at Boston University majoring in International Relations, and I will commission as a Marine Corps Officer in May. It is an honor to work alongside and for the midshipmen of the Boston Naval ROTC as we prepare for our careers as Naval and Marine Corps Officers.

Now is our opportunity to prepare for that immeasurable responsibility. I am fortunate enough to have a truly skilled midshipman staff who are passionate about the program and bring different experiences and perspectives to the table.  So far this semester they have put together a number of successful training evolutions, including leadership labs focusing on moral and ethical discussions, and lectures from university professors and VADM Bushong. We have a number of fun evolutions planned for the coming month, such as the MIT Beaver Cup Regatta and BU Joint Service Sheehan Cup.  I am excited to see how the second half of the semester works out.

Looking beyond this semester, our 1/c Navy Option midshipmen have completed their service and ship selections and are waiting to receive orders. Our 1/c Marine Option midshipmen should hear about their TBS dates within the next month.  It is exciting to think the culmination of our four years of training is only two months away. I trust that our 1/c MIDN are ready to hit the fleet and complete their mission.

Very Respectfully,

Michael Simpson

Midn BnCO

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