Beaver Cup Regatta

Copy of IMG_0542Midshipmen and staff from the Holy Cross, RPI, and BU-MIT NROTC Battalions joined together on Saturday, April 5th for the annual Beaver Cup Regatta. The weather was perfect for sailing — windy but not too cold — and everyone milled around on the dock of the MIT Sailing Pavilion excitedly as they waited for the events to begin. Events of the day commenced with an overview of the race rules given by the staff of the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

Copy of IMG_0632There were to be two heats of eight boats, with each heat doing two races. The final race would be a single sailor representing each NROTC Battalion. The amount of sailing experience among the midshipmen varied considerably, and it was great to see the less experienced sailors learning from their peers. When they were not out on the water, the midshipmen and active duty staff mingled and enjoyed delicious burgers and other food.

Copy of IMG_0457When all the racing had concluded, awards were announced for the top two teams and the overall NROTC Battalion winner. The winning two man teams from BU-MIT were MIDN 1/c Mike McCormick and Mic Byrne and MIDN 2/c Stephen Johnson and MIDN 4/c Vardaan Gurung. The overall school winner was a close call, and came down to the score from the final, solo race. Fortunately, MIDN 4/c John Holland from Harvard represented the Boston NROTC Battalion well by winning both runs in an impressive finale. There was much cheering and excitement from the midshipmen of the MIT-BU Battalion as MIDN Holland returned to the dock with a huge grin on his face.

All in all, the 2014 Beaver Cup Regatta was a great time of camaraderie and fun, and will be eagerly anticipated next year!
Written by: MIDN 2/c Bridget McCoy


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