Future Female Officer Club Spotlight

The Future Female Officer club has had an exciting semester so far. In February, Captain Frizzell, who is stationed at the Naval War College in Newport returned to visit, bringing along two female lieutenant commanders.  One of the LCDRs was a former SWO, and is now a PAO, and the other was prior enlisted and is now a SWO.  They had a lot of valuable knowledge to share with the members of the club.

FFO2The discussion began with questions on what to bring on deployment and summer cruise, with CAPT Frizzell and the LCDRs giving advice for items to bring that you would not think of unless you had been on a ship for an extended period of time before. The conversation moved to some of their personal stories of being in the Navy, including in particular being females in an all-male environment.  Their advice and guidance on how to deal with these situations were invaluable.  In all, the meeting was a large success, and all of the females in attendance were truly grateful for the experience.  Club meetings like these give its members a clear and honest scope into some of the issues they will be facing in the fleet, whether that is a few years or a few months from now.

The Future Female Officer Club hopes to hold two more meetings this semester. CAPT Frizzell is planning to bring a female aviator to visit in the coming weeks, which will be a valuable perspective to hear from.  For the final meeting of the semester, the club is hoping to hold a potluck for all that are interested.  The Future Female Officer Club would like to congratulate all that will be commissioning this May and June, and wishes them the best of luck and success in their careers as Naval Officers!

Written by: MIDN 3/c Abigail Guerra

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