Semper Fidelis Society – A Year in Review

904391_617411094988923_1660696258_oThe 2013-2014 school year has been highly productive for the Boston NROTC Semper Fidelis Society. The year has been extremely busy with many events, including both battalion-wide events and those specific to SFS.  Despite weather implications, physical challenges, and leadership tests, the Semper Fidelis Society was able to make it through to the end of the year with significant gain in knowledge, experience, and unit cohesion.

The goal of the Semper Fidelis Society is to develop Marine Option midshipmen with the skills necessary to graduate from OCS and become future Marine Corps officers. Nonetheless, SFS is not limited to Marine Options. Navy midshipmen are also encouraged to join SFS to experience life as a Marine Option, challenge themselves physically, and develop respect and support for their sister service. There were many new faces at SFS this year, as several Navy Options decided to take a stab at SFS for a semester or two.1901220_701365679926797_4314223756674188816_n

Not surprisingly, SFS devotes a lot of focus to physical fitness, and the midshipmen train physically each week. PT is four times a week, with group PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0600. This year, midshipmen had the opportunity to climb ropes, swim, participate in SFS Olympics, and run up the enormous Summit Hill in “boots and utes”. SFS also conducted three field exercises.

However, SFS is not just a fitness club. Members of SFS were also led in classroom instruction each week. Topics of education included Marine Corps knowledge such as land navigation and five paragraph order, as well as aspects of leadership through books on the Commandant’s Reading List and in class leadership panels. SFS also participated in many events such as the Navy Marine Corps Birthday Ball, the Joint Services Ball, and the Marine Corps Birthday Relay Run.

10014904_701358799927485_536447388545364891_n SFS members were also active in battalion-wide events. Many members participated in both the Curtis Cup and the Sheehan Cup. Midn 3/c Hamilton and Midn 4/c King did an outstanding job during the Sheehan Cup Warrior Challenge.  SFS also had the opportunity to participate in the BU Company drill competition where they proudly took 1st place.10255726_701366739926691_3704689838967812584_n

SFS is ending this year on May 2 with the annual Mess Night Dinner. This evening of dining and camaraderie is a tradition in the Marine Corps.  At the end of the night, SFS will bid farewell to the departing seniors.  This year they will also be saying goodbye to Marine Officer Instructor Major Craig Giorgis and Assistant Marine Officer Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas Romer, both of whom will be leaving the Boston NROTC Battalion this summer. Everyone will be thoroughly missed.  As for current Bulldogs, they will be sent off to OCS this summer. Good luck to everyone and thank you for a wonderful year!


Written by: Midn 3/c Clarissa Schaffino

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