BnCO’s Opening Remarks


Firstly, I would like to welcome back those of us that are returning, and hope this will be another extraordinary semester for you. To the incoming 4/c, I would like to officially welcome you to the Boston NROTC Battalion.

alex headMy name is Alexander Hayden, and I am the Midshipman Battalion Commander for the upcoming semester. As a senior at Boston College, I am currently double majoring in Political Science and Islamic Civilization and Societies.

Naval ROTC is intended to be a training ground to develop midshipmen for their futures as officers in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.  The vision that I have for NROTC this semester comprehensively echoes that. Every action taken by the midshipmen staff – whether within the Battalion Staff, or at the platoon and squad levels – should reflect that, as well. Training will focus on the development of midshipmen as professionals in their journey to become Navy and Marine Corps officers. Being an officer entails being a professional, in every sense of the word. Whether that is though academic excellence, moral certitude, physical prowess, or social aptitude, being a well-rounded professional is something that I expect from each and every one of you.

Additionally, I would like to increase the focus that is given to imparting knowledge about the service communities. Excitingly, each of our respective commissioning dates grows ever closer. Yet, one of the most difficult choices each of us will face is determining our preferences on which community we seek to enter. Because this is the case, I will make it my priority to ensure that every MIDN in the Battalion receives increased, accurate information about each of the service communities so that they may make a more informed decision when the time comes. No matter if your future takes you on the seas, diving deep below them, flying high above them, or leading a group of Marines, you will understand more about what each community has to offer to you, and whether you are a good fit for it.

In my time, I have seen three classes receive their commissions and graduate. Each class has inspired and set an example for those that followed in their footsteps, and this year is no different. The role that upperclassmen play as mentors – whether formal or informal – is of utmost importance.  When welcoming the 4/c, set a superb example for them; encourage their successes, and constructively correct their shortcomings. In a few years, they will be in your shoes and performing the same tasks that you are now. But don’t forget that even as a 1/c, you can be a mentee; learn from your peers, and the active duty staff as well. One day, you will be in your shoes and performing the same tasks that they are now.

I wish you all the best this semester, and will be here to serve you in every capacity. Let’s work together to make this semester the best one yet.

Very respectfully,

Alexander F. Hayden

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