Farewell to Major Giorgis

Maj GiorgisThe conclusion of the spring semester of 2014 marked the end of Major Giorgis’ time as the Marine Officer Instructor for the Boston Naval ROTC Consortium. The Semper Fidelis Society and entire Battalion will be sure to miss Major Giorgis’ nurturing but always professional presence at PTs and labs. He served as MOI at the unit for three years. Prior to coming to the unit, the Major served as the Operations Officer for the 5th Battalion, 11th Marines. During that billet he was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He is currently studying at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, with his next billet unknown at this time.

Major Giorgis brought the background of a combat deployed artillery officer with an enthusiasm to educate the prospective Marine officers who made up his newest command. While Major Giorgis seized every opportunity to train and cultivate the midshipmen, he found the FEXs and Indoc to be the most effective times to develop leadership. He found these evolutions provided an extended block of time away from the distractions of college life and academics to truly focus on military training and education. But he emphasized that one did not need to be aboard a base or in the woods of Fort Devens to train themselves for being an officer. Major Giorgis always reinforced that there is an abundance of reading material available to foster officer development.

While the Major ensured that each Marine Options mind was stimulated for learning, he also facilitated a smart and effective training plan. He reinforced the importance of injury prevention, proper form, and high intensity in every PT. This was all part of the “tactical athlete” philosophy which he was an enthusiast of. He brought an NFL combine like testing evolution to the unit, putting a combat spin on the pre-draft activity. Participants ran through many of the same speed and agility tests, but instead of gym shorts and a t shirt, wore flak jackets and assault packs. This event highlighted Major Giorgis’ ability to create engaging, effective and original training for the midshipmen.

Last year’s OIC, 2ndLt. Brown, spoke very highly of her experience working closely with the MOI. Billet holders under Major Giorgis’ command were given “an environment in which they felt a strong sense of ownership…and had the latitude to present their own vision”. Major Giorgis practiced his own advice by delegating authority to his midshipmen, but still maintaining the final responsibility for their actions. Semester meetings with the Major were not merely a requirement that had to be met, but an opportunity for the Marine Options to get one on one time with a fantastic mentor. The Major also said he felt the one on one meetings with students was one of his most important duties as MOI. Major Giorgis always had a relevant and helpful piece of advice. His leadership teachings were unparalleled. When asked if he wished to leave the midshipmen with anything, he provided a reminder, that “there is no perfect model for a Naval officer. Find the leader in yourself—you can’t be someone else, and if you try to you won’t achieve your potential.”

Semper Fidelis, Major Giorgis.

Written by Midn 3/c Michael Murray


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