SFS: Do you have what it takes to join our ranks?

The Semper Fidelis Society, known to the members of ROTC simply as SFS, will resume its training on September 4th, with Midshipman First Class Paul Kim as the Officer in Charge. Upon graduating from OCS this past summer, Midn Kim will return with a strict training plan to prepare and inspire the future officers of the United States Marine Corps. SFS is a program designed to ready Marine options for Officer Candidate School, a 6-week course at the end of junior year.  However, in addition to training Marine candidates, all those choosing the Navy pipeline will have a chance to expose themselves to the basics of what would be expected of him/her as a Bulldog at OCS and the fundamentals of how a Marine officer operates.

The Navy options that participate in the program are vital to helping the Marine options prepare for the hardships they will face while in Quantico, Virginia.  As a member of SFS, you will be asked to lead others as fire team and squad leaders, and pushing the Second Class Midshipmen, Frayne, Hamilton, Pushaw, and Schaffino, to their limits in their preparation. For some of you, this will be your first chance to lead. The future Naval and Marine officers will train together through a series of grueling workouts, field exercises, war games, hikes, and swim and rope PT. These are only a few things that make SFS different from the rest of the Battalion. The SFS experience will expand not only your physical capacity, but also your mental capacity through the training in which we receive. Instead of a four year journey, we ask that you devote yourself only for a semester to experience what we are all about.

1901220_701365679926797_4314223756674188816_nThis semester, the Society will unfortunately be short two senior OCS graduates in Midn 1/c Boettcher and Mr. Mariscal, a graduate of the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC), as they study abroad. Despite their absence, the Society is fortunate to have the guidance of Maj. Hritz, GySgt. Romer, SSgt. Askew, and 2nd Lt. Bryant. These men have acquired a vast knowledge base throughout their time in the Marine Corps to share with the Midshipmen and PLC Candidates. Ms. Johnson, also a PLC graduate, will provide challenging and engaging exercises as the Society’s Training Officer. As is a tenet of Marine Corps leadership, the Society will adapt and overcome, despite the absence of two crucial members.

As evidenced by its most recent class of OCS graduates, the Boston Semper Fidelis Society effectively prepares its members mentally and physically for the taxing challenges that OCS presents to the Officer Candidates. This year should be no different as the newest second class and PLC candidates prepare for their 6 weeks in Quantico, Va., third class step into leadership roles, and newest members receive their first introduction to the Marine Corps.


Written by Midn 3/c Tyler King, Midn 3/c Michael Murray


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