Navy Falls to Army in Curtis Cup In Close Game, 23-24

P1000203On Friday, 3 OCT 2014, the Curtis Cup was held at New Balance Field between the Boston University Army, Air Force, and Naval ROTC branches. The Curtis Cup is an annual flag football tournament during which the different ROTC branches gather in friendly competition.
The event kicked off with an Army vs. Air Force game, which resulted in a victory for Army. As Army and Air Force players were on the field, Navy practiced along the sidelines and tried to keep warm as the night got progressively colder. Finally, Navy was pitted against Army for the second match.

Navy took an early lead with the first touchdown of the game and maintained a 17-7 halftime lead. During the second half of the match, Army made a series of last-minute touchdowns and the game ended in a close 23-24 Army win. The final game was between Navy and Air Force. While Air Force gave it their all, Navy claimed a decisive victory thanks the team’s continued determination under the leadership of MIDN 2/C King and MIDN 2/C Sternstein. Army was awarded the Curtis Cup after four straight years of Navy victories. Despite Navy’s loss, spirits were still high and the night ended with a tri-service “ROTC!” cheer. P1000240
MIDN 1/C Hannah Constantakis commented that “the Curtis Cup is always a fun night of competition, athleticism, and rivalry. Although it was a tough loss to Army, it was great to have the company together!”

The Boston University Curtis Cup tradition not only fosters teamwork and sportsmanship, but provides an opportunity for Cadets and Midshipmen alike to bond over a night of football. Even those who chose not to play watched the game from the sidelines and cheered on

their comrades. Navy may not have taken home the Cup this year, but we certainly gained other things: a belly full of pizza, a heightened sense of community, and the (rare) chance to be humbled.


Written by MIDN 3/c Beryl Fisher


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