Farewell to GySgt Romer

GySgt Romer     Now that his time in Boston has come to an end, the presence of outgoing Assistant Marine Officer Instructor (AMOI) GySgt Romer will be greatly missed. During his two years in Boston, GySgt Romer led from the front to shape the Consortium with his enthusiasm, professionalism, and unparalleled work ethic. By applying his wealth of knowledge and skill sets gained from a wide variety of roles in the Marine Corps, he directly influenced many successes of the Consortium.

An 0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer, GySgt Romer previously served with 5th Battalion 11th Marines Tango Battery as a HIMARS section chief and Battery Gunny/Battery MSgt. During this time, he deployed twice to Afghanistan, playing a key supporting role in the Battle of Marjah. His additional assignments included a deployment to Iraq with 2nd Battalion 11th Marines Golf Battery as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant in a provisional rifle platoon involved in the push for Fallujah and Operation New Dawn. He also served a tour on the drill field at MCRD San Diego and two summers at Officer Candidate School (OCS) as a Sergeant Instructor and Platoon Sergeant.  Along the way, his peers chose him multiple times as the most gung-ho Marine. In summer 2014, he was once again at OCS, this time as a candidate in the 10-week OCC program.  He graduated in the top of his class and held the Platoon Commander billet in the graduation ceremony. His current assignment is in College Station, TX at Texas A&M, where he will study Leadership and commission as a Marine Corps officer through the MECEP Program.

A primary responsibility of the AMOI is to manage the Marine Option Midshipmen – a task GySgt Romer fulfilled well past the expectations of his billet. He guided eight of his midshipmen and three officer candidates to successfully complete OCS and earn their commissions as Marine Corps officers. His work with the 25th Marines secured new gear for the Midshipman and resulted in a complete overhaul of an old and outdated supply room. Beyond taking care of his Midshipman by ensuring they were properly outfitted, GySgt Romer arrived early and left late every day while maintaining an open door policy. He even brought counseling to a mobile level by giving rides to Midshipmen in the government vans, claiming one for the Marines and naming it the “Green Machine.”

While GySgt Romer undoubtedly displayed an exceptional commitment to the training and welfare of his Marine Options, he was also an invaluable resource and mentor to the Navy Options in the ROTC battalion.  He is especially well-known for his effort and creativity in supervising and planning ceremonies in events.  This was exemplified by one major event that GySgt Romer took charge of: MIT Pass in Review. Not only was the drill well executed, but he also managed to arrange the participation of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, the attendance of the local fire department, and a full ceremonial artillery battery from the Army National Guard.

GySgt Romer is the embodiment of what it means to be a Marine and set the example for those around him. As AMOI in the Boston NROTC Consortium, he freely offered his time and knowledge to anyone who asked.  As a hands-on leader he was never far from the center of activity, training and educating midshipmen. His distinct character will always be remembered in Boston, as well as the fleet, by the many people he influenced during his time here. To GySgt Romer, we thank you one last time for your two years of dedication and offer our sincerest congratulations on your acceptance into the MECEP Program.  There is no individual more deserving. Best of luck in following years, and we will see you in the fleet soon.

Semper Fidelis.

Written by Ms. Emilee Johnson

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