BU Holds Annual Pass in Review Ceremony

IMGP5858After weeks of planning and many early morning rehearsals, the three Boston University ROTC Units came together Saturday morning to execute their drill movements in front of their parents, friends, and honored guests.. The Pass in Review ceremony is a long-standing military tradition which originated as a way leaders assembled and inspected their troops in formation. The Boston University Army, Navy, and Air Force Units worked well together to make this year’s Pass in Review a success.

MIDN 1/c Josh Dalva (BU) and Bravo Company
MIDN 1/c Josh Dalva (BU) and Bravo Company

The ceremony took place on Nickerson Field at Boston University on Parent’s Weekend, which gave parents and other family members of cadets and midshipmen the opportunity to attend this annual event. Army and Navy were organized into two companies and Air Force into one.

The Navy Battalion was commanded by MIDN 1/c Veronica Dambrauskas from Northeastern University. Alpha Company was led by MIDN 1/c Sarah Verille of Boston College and Bravo Company was led by MIDN 1/c Josh Dalva of Boston University.

“They were exemplary in their execution of the movements, something evident after all the work they put in during their extra practices with the key personnel,” stated MIDN 1/c Alexander Hayden, Boston College.  The members of each company marched well together in unison and executed each command with confidence and precision.

MIDN 1/c Sarah Verille (BC) and Alpha Company

The guests of honor in attendance included President of Boston University Dr. Robert A. Brown, Director of the Division of Military Education and Vice President and Chief of Staff Dr. Douglass A. Sears, Professor of Naval Science Captain Steven M. Benke, Professor of Aerospace Studies Lieutenant Colonel Paul H. Whitmore, , and Professor of Military Science Major James Mitchell. Also in attendance were the following members of the Military Education Faculty Committee: Dr. Jeffrey Hutter, Dr. Theo DeWinter, Dr. Igor Lukes, Dr. Anna Depold Hohler, and Dr. Robert Hausman.

The Boston ROTC Units were fortunate to have Colonel Charles H. May, Military Deputy at Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center as the guest speaker for this event. His speech touched on many aspects of the ROTC program and emphasized the importance of staying true to one’s personal values as an important quality of a good leader.  May reminded the cadets and midshipmen that they have chosen a path only one percent of Americans take and they should be proud of their decision to put their country’s needs above their own. He referenced President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” and urged students to keep in mind they are making an important and honorable sacrifice by joining the military.

All who witnessed the Pass in Review ceremony could feel the sense of pride and confidence from the cadets and midshipmen as they marched past and saluted the guests of honor. The midshipmen and cadets left there remembering Col.May’s words, reminding them that one day, they too could be in his position as an experienced and well respected officer in the military standing before his or her troops at a Pass in Review ceremony.


Written by MIDN 2/c Katrina Longest

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