Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Tufts University

On Tuesday, November 11, 2014, the Tufts University ROTC units came together on the Medford/Somerville campus to pay tribute to all service members past and present. The traditional passing of the flag ceremony was held on Memorial Steps lead by 1/c Midshipman Vadim Reyblat. Cadets and midshipmen alike proceeded gradually up the steps passing a folded American flag to one another to the flag recipient, retired United States Air Force Major Greg Arabian who graduated from Tufts University in 1954. The ceremony included a performance from the oldest all female Tufts University a cappella group, the Jackson Jills, who did a wonderful rendition of “America the Beautiful”.ROTCadvocatesEvents 260

Service members that came to view the event include Commander Jan Scislowicz, Executive Officer of Boston NROTC, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Godfrin, head of Boston AROTC, and retired Army Major Gresh Lattimore who is the Chair of Advocates for Tufts ROTC. After the ceremony there was reception in the Coolidge room of Ballou Hall. The reception included speeches by Dean James M. Glaser who is a strong advocate for ROTC at Tufts University. The main speaker was retired United States Marine Corps Captain Ben Sands who graduated from Tufts University in 1954. His inspiring speech went through the highlights of his time in the military and the brave service men and women who he met along the way.

MIDN 4/c Keith Henzer said after the ceremony, “To be able to participate in this occasion really makes me appreciate the sacrifices American service members made for my freedom.” Army Cadet Gaby Luiselli said, “When I walked up the steps today, it was truly humbling and inspiring. I am honored to be here and a member of Army ROTC at Tufts University.”  The ceremony succeeded in paying tribute to all of our veterans.

Written by MIDN 2/c Oscar Martin

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