PNS Corner Fall 2014

Sea Dawg – PNS Corner – Fall 2014

Greetings from Boston!

We recently had our final lab for the fall 2014 semester.  It is hard to believe that the semester is already coming to an end.  The lab was dedicated to our Battalion Change of Command ceremony where MIDN 1/C Hayden turned over command of the Battalion to MIDN 1/C Forsey.  MIDN Hayden did an excellent job at developing a training plan for the semester that focused on developing military leaders.  He was supported by a great battalion staff and could not have done it without the full support of the two company commanders, MIDN 1/C Chen (MIT Company) and MIDN 1/C Dambrauskas (BU Company).  Congratulations and Bravo Zulu to MIDN Hayden and the outgoing staff.

The fall semester was packed full of Battalion activities.  We started the semester off with our New Student Orientation where we spent a week down on Naval Station Newport.  Upper class Midshipmen planned and executed this indoctrination period and it was a huge success.  The large incoming class embraced the training opportunity and they have really hit the ground running this semester.  During the semester we have done several sporting competitions and held our annual NROTC Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  Be sure to keep checking our NROTC Sea Dawg Blog and official Facebook page for all the latest updates and pictures.

The Marine Option midshipmen have also been very active over the fall semester.  Led by MIDN 1/C Kim, the Marines completed two field exercises, one at Fort Devens and the other on Peddocks Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Through the Semper Fidelis Society, the Marines also held a successful Marine Corps Birthday Relay on the Esplanda.

MIDN Forsey and his staff are working hard to finalize the details of the training plan for the spring semester.  I have no doubt that it will be another full and exciting semester in Boston!  We already have some big events scheduled, including the Sheehan Warrior Challenge at BU and the Beaver Cup Sailing Regatta at MIT.  We also have our Joint Services Military Ball in the spring where we get together with the Army and Air Force ROTC cadets for a night of dinner and dancing.

Enjoy your winter break and we will see you next year at the start of the spring semester!

All the best,

Steven M. Benke

Captain, United States Navy

Commanding Officer

BU – MIT Naval ROTC Consortium


“For in this modern world, the instruments of warfare are not solely for waging war. Far more importantly, they are the means for controlling peace. Naval officers must therefore understand not only how to fight a war, but how to use the tremendous power which they operate to sustain a world of liberty and justice, without unleashing the powerful instruments of destruction and chaos that they have at their command.”

Admiral Arleigh Burke, CNO, 1 August 1961, Change of command address at Annapolis, MD


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