Senior Spotlight: Andrew Bates

Andrew Bates grew up no stranger to the military way of life. Being an Army Brat, he moved every three years, making new friends here and there, and relied on letters for 15 months as his father served in Iraq. However, if you ask him, he would have it no other way. His “nonstandard childhood” has shaped him to who he is today and his father has been a huge role model throughout his life. The military has always been apart of MIDN Bates life and deciding to join the NROTC was no surprise.

Throughout his time in the NROTC at Boston University, he has held numerous leadership positions in the Battalion and Company Staff. On top of this, he has been an active member in the Boston University Ski Club, is an avid motorcycle enthusiast (his Ducati is named “Stella”), and has visited over 20 countries. Not to mention, being half German, there isn’t much he wouldn’t do for “a classic currywurst and a decent German lager right about now.”

MIDN Bates has endured through a tough four years in the Boston University School of Engineering and is driven by the positive effects he sees come from his work. “I don’t need the spotlight or the credit, when I put time and effort into something (or someone) and things work out for the better, that’s what drives me to the next thing.” When asked about the best advice he has received in his time being a Midshipman, MIDN Bates stated, “I wanted to drop out of engineering my freshmen year. Met with an upperclassmen and he convinced me to stick with it. I don’t remember what he said exactly but I’m sure am glad he said it.”

As he prepares to leave the NROTC and Boston University, MIDN Bates was asked to reflect on the meaning of leadership. Leadership, he says, is about people. “Give them the respect they deserve, communicate your intentions, be genuinely interested in their lives. Heard this phrase once, I think it’s worth sharing. ‘No one will care what you know unless they know that you care.’ Work for your people and they’ll work for you. Simple.” He leaves Midshipman with this advice, “It’s never going to go exactly like you planned it. That’s simply the reality. The key is to plan ahead as much as possible and be flexible in the moment. Round two comes around, you change the bad and repeat the good.”

MIDN Bates will commission in May 2015 and will report to Nuclear Power School in South Carolina to pursue a career as a Nuclear Submarine Officer.



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