Senior Spotlight: Hannah Constantakis

Look out San Diego, here comes Hannah Constantakis! The Michigan native came to Boston College four years ago hoping to figure out what kind of leader she would be in the Navy and has become one who is a caring, hardworking mentor ready to be commissioned as a successful Surface Warfare Officer this May.

While she will be many miles away from her family and beloved Detroit Tigers, Constantakis will be living with her twin sister, who is also commissioning as a SWO this May, in San Diego where she will be stationed on LPD-22, the USS San Diego. If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on in paradise, it is a safe bet you can find out on Constantakis’ Snapchat, where you will probably find her going to a fun workout class, playing Catch Phrase with friends, playing volleyball, and enjoying the occasional vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. Or gummy bears. Most likely both.

Constantakis has grown and learned so much throughout her years in ROTC. She can always be counted on for a smile and always takes the time out of her busy schedule to be a great listener. She truly cares about her peers and people she leads and her dedication to others inspires those around her. She has played a huge role in bringing the Boston College midshipmen together as a big family, hosting barbeques at her house and playing the best pump up music on the way to early morning PT sessions at BU.

After four years, Constantakis has come to see a leader as “someone who can inspire people to do the right thing by setting a positive example and who can push people to achieve their goals by allowing them to see the greatness in themselves,” which is the type of person she has become and will continue to be when she leaves Boston and heads off into the fleet. When asked what she hopes to accomplish with her career in the Navy, Constantakis said, “More than anything, I hope to positively influence the lives of the Sailors I’ll be working with. I look forward to the leadership opportunity, and I aspire to help, serve, and inspire the people around me.” She has certainly inspired the midshipmen around her during her time in ROTC and her positive attitude always reminds people that a smile goes a long way.

While she will be truly missed here in Boston, we are so excited to see what Constantakis’ future in the Navy holds for her. We know her kindness and passion for helping others will leave a positive impact on each and every person she leads and serves throughout her career and we can’t wait to see where the Navy takes her next!

-By Katrina Longest

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