Senior Spotlight: Josh Dalva

If you had to choose three things to have with you on a desert island, what would they be? For midshipman 1/c and Boston University Company Commander Joshua Dalva, the answer’s easy: “a private jet to leave the island, a beer & wine store, and a jukebox.” Midshipman Dalva is known for his tenacious leadership and commitment to the Navy’s core values; however, few people know that he worked as a chef in a 5-star restaurant during high school, spends weekends scouring the city for the finest craft beers, and enjoys a rich steak at the end of a long day. He’s also not afraid of a challenge. Although midshipman Dalva grew up with little understanding of the Navy or military in general, he chose NROTC because it posed a new challenge. Neither his family nor his hometown has a military tradition, yet midshipman Dalva was enticed by the opportunity to do something more meaningful as a college student and the ability to leave his home state of Maryland to come to school in Boston, thanks to the NROTC scholarship.

Upon arriving in Boston and situating himself in the company, midshipman Dalva learned to “be a sponge” and take in as much information as possible. He advises any underclassmen or prospective midshipmen to step outside of their comfort zone and get involved in NROTC. “Everybody brings something else to the table,” he said, “Just make sure you contribute and make your strengths noteworthy.” Midshipman Dalva also believes that leadership development, the central goal of NROTC, is about trustworthiness, dependability, and setting a positive example. The lessons midshipman Dalva has learned have been passed down through the NROTC classes, and will continue to be ingrained into future naval officers.

For now, midshipman Dalva is looking ahead to his career as a Naval Flight Officer. Given that he’s a big fan of Cold War espionage films, it’s natural that he’s interested in the P-3/P-8 maritime community. He’s not yet sure whether he will make the Navy his lifelong career or serve his minimum requirement, but is excited to get it started. For the latter, midshipman Dalva says he would love coming back to NROTC as a Lieutenant and getting a M.B.A. before he hits the civilian workforce and becomes the next Donald Trump.

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