Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Shaffer

MIDN Shaffer is just a couple months away from commissioning as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. She is a Marine Science major at Boston University, and she received her first choice for service section as an NFO.  Everyone in the Navy ROTC battalion sees MIDN Shaffer as a leader, and she displayed her leadership talents as the BU company XO this semester. MIDN Shaffer joined NROTC her sophomore year at BU, and she joined because she wanted to stay in Boston, so she joined for the scholarship. She thought the Navy was a good fit for her Marine Science major, and “the people are why [she has] stayed, and will continue to stay in the future.” She believes the most important leadership traits are respect, trust, and empathy, and she wants people to remember her for her stellar leadership.

MIDN Shaffer loves new experiences, and she is always trying to grow as a person; she puts herself “in potentially awkward and disastrous situations” to test herself.  She believes that “Every turn and dip ahead is going to be the most exciting rollercoaster” and she would not want it any other way. Because of her desire to be in unique situations and try to better herself, MIDN Shaffer hopes to work with foreign NFOs and pilots during her time as an NFO in the Navy, and she hopes to become an expert in her field.

Outside of her professional life, MIDN Shaffer loves an array of activities, anything from soccer, reading, SCUBA diving to cooking, playing music, and “hammock-ing.” She could never say no to a filet mignon or mint chocolate chip ice cream, and on a desert Island she would not be caught without flint, a knife, and a CD player with Jack Johnson in it.

MIDN Shaffer has set an example for all of her peers in ROTC, and she advises the underclassmen to “make good habits now. Have patience, and be as ridiculous as possible,” she also points out that we all go to big schools, so if you lose a few friends, do not worry because they probably were not worth it anyway. She keeps her fathers words “you could become a Navy SEAL” close to her, and this has kept her going. MIDN Shaffer has been an asset to the Old Ironsides Battalion, and we wish her the best of luck in the fleet.

By: MIDN Guerra

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