Senior Spotlight: Sebastian Saldivar

MIDN Saldivar is currently a senior at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics and Earth & Planetary sciences.  Given such a challenging course-load and knowing of the responsibilities as a member of ROTC, one naturally asks: “Why do you do it?” His response is for a love of adventure, desire to go to college, and for a love of country and the opportunities serving it will bring.

He has service-selected submarine warfare as his specialty in the Navy, but when asked about what he hopes to do with his career in the service, he simply wants to be able to take care of his men and with them accomplish the mission; whatever it may be.

To him, leadership is an art, a challenge and a passion of his. What drives him to pursue this path is his desire to be the best he can be… and 100mg caffeine pills.

MIDN Saldivar likes to spend his time exercising, traveling and writing, and his stipends on trying new restaurants; sushi and Indian cuisine being among his favorites.

One thing you may not know about him is how pumped he gets when hearing “Blank Space”, “Shake it Off” or other Taylor Swift hits. Indeed, his love of music and literature is so great that if he were to be stuck on a desert island, the three things we would want to feel content would be: speakers, an extensive library, and a companion to share it with.

As we bid farewell to MIDN Saldivar as he is soon to embark on his career in the Navy he wishes to share two things with us. The best piece of advice he feels that was given to him as a Midshipman was to “Take care of your men, and they’ll take care of you.” His own piece of advice for us is to strive to eliminate inefficiencies in our lives.

By MIDN 2/c Castaño


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