Senior Spotlight: Connor Humber

Connor Humber is a man who can manage contradictions. He is able to switch from his usual energetic personality to a stone-cold professional in seconds, and he is as comfortable in his SDB’s as he is in his a capella group’s, the Logarythms’, colorful wardrobe. While people just meeting him would likely not guess that he is a talented singer, they would immediately notice his energy, enthusiasm, and charisma, all of which he has brought to the many activities in which he participates, leaving a lasting impact on the battalion and the MIT community.

MIDN Humber has had the intention of serving his country for much of his life, viewing service in the Navy as a way to give back for all of the opportunities that he has. Considering both the Naval Academy and NROTC, we are fortunate that MIDN Humber chose to make the short trip from his home in Nashua, NH to Boston to study mechanical engineering at MIT. His constant desire to improve himself encourages him to push through difficult times and look forward to the days ahead of him. At MIT, MIDN Humber has taken advantage of many of the opportunities available, becoming a proficient glassblower, further honing his singing talent, and discovering his interest in product design, while also preparing for his military career.

In a few weeks MIDN Humber will graduate and commission, and he will trade his old wardrobe for a navy flight suit as he deploys to naval aviation school in Pensacola, Florida. Passionate about flying, MIDN Humber will train as a pilot, where he will apply the lessons he has learned, using his engineering mastery to run an aircraft and his leadership abilities to run a division. If he finds it necessary to make an emergency landing on a desert island, the ever-practical MIDN Humber would be sure to have a good multi-tool, an even better book, and Bear Grylls on hand; how he plans to carry these items/people with him aboard his aircraft is unclear.

Through his experiences for the past four years, MIDN Humber has developed several conclusions about leadership, which guide his style and which he hopes to pass along to others. Most importantly, he encourages a leader to “know your people. Realize that your subordinates want to know that they are cared for and that you are there for them. Foster a good relationship and they will do just about anything for you.” MIDN Humber applied this very axiom as he served as a mentor and role model to those around him. As he enters the fleet, he will continue to strive to “work hard and lead effectively.” His commitment to those under him will help to ensure the continued success of the United States Navy.

By MIDN 2/C Holcomb

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