Senior Spotlight: Sarah Verille

MIDN 1/c Sarah Verille will be commissioning this May from the Boston NROTC Consortium.  For the last four years, MIDN Verille has been a model midshipman and a spectacular mentor to those below her.  She was inspired to join ROTC by her close family friend, who became both her mentor and role model in high school.  He was a retired naval officer who often spoke or his experiences as a leader.  She held a great amount of respect for him and wanted to have the same impact on people’s lives that he had. This-combined with a strong desire to serve in something larger than myself, and to fly- compile to form her inspiration to serve. She has made her mentor proud by service selecting pilot last October.

An upstate New York native, MIDN Verille enjoys her mother’s home cooking, has studied abroad in Australia (where she learned an extensive amount of Aussie slang), and enjoys skiing, reading and baking.

For MIDN Verille, Leadership is being able to lead a group to people to a common goal, while maintaining a conscious effort to motivate them and ensure their well being.  The best piece of advice she ever received was from a mentor within ROTC, who stated “you’re only in this training environment for four years: make the most of it both as a midshipman and a student.”  She is driven by her personal desire to excel, as well as the unyielding support she’s received from her family.

She will be heading to Pensacola, Florida in the near future to commence flight school, and the Boston NROTC Consortium wishes her the best on her journey through the Navy!

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