Senior Spotlight: Stephen Johnson

Although MIDN Johnson is in ROTC, he likes to keep things relaxed and remembers to have fun.  In addition to ROTC, he participates in Roadkill Buffet, MIT’s improv comedy club, plays broomball, and skies over Jell-O.  He is an avid broomball player and is always advocating other midshipman to take part in the game.  MIDN Johnson is also realistic.  He claims if he were stranded on an island, he would want a satellite phone, an open buffet with lots of oranges, and a pinball machine.

While his advice is to “not take everything seriously or else you [will] never have fun,” he is serious when it comes to leadership making sure to help his people and handle issues.  He says leadership means “helping your people, delivering your projects on time, and handling issues accordingly.”

MIDN Johnson joined ROTC because he likes submarines; as a chemical engineer, he appreciates the engineering that goes into designing and building them.  This was one of the reasons why he decided to join ROTC.  He views submarines as “engineering in a tube” and doesn’t think anything could be more interesting.  His first choice for service selection was submarines, which is his service assignment after he commissions.


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