Senior Spotlight: Braydon Hummeldorf

Braydon Hummeldorf is a man admired by many, but intimately known by only a few. The catalog of his exploits in life stretches over a mile long. He’s athletic, witty, smart, determined, and good-looking. The impact he’s had on those around him, both above and below, has been incredibly positive. This article is your chance to go beyond the legend and discover the man himself.

Braydon has been involved with the Navy since his childhood, when his Dad was still in the Navy. He spent many of his early years in life in Europe while his Dad was stationed there. Since then, Braydon and his family moved to San Diego, where he continues to live. His early experiences with the Navy had a profound impression on Braydon, and are the reason he chose to join ROTC in the first place.

So, what skills does Braydon bring to the Navy’s table? Well, there’s the standard cooking, cleaning, sewing, and ironing that he learned from his dad. He also brings a sense of humor, which will undoubtedly be necessary during the long tours overseas. He brings an absolute sense of professionalism that any Navy person would admire, both officer and enlisted. Additionally, Braydon learned from his mom to always do everything twice, because there’s almost always a 100% chance you messed up the first time around. Needless to say, all of these skills will provide the Navy with an exceptionally capable ensign.

As for Braydon’s legacy, well, it is something to behold. I don’t know what people will remember about him more: his kind and effeminate nature, his unique way of saying “I told you so”, or his strange desire to prove that he’s better than everyone else by insisting that he loves Mexican food, but only if its some authentic, hole in the wall style place instead of Chipotle like everyone else. All this aside, Braydon has undoubtedly left a significant impression on all those around him. His peers have had the fortune to spend 4 years with him. Going to class, hanging out, talking, learning, and hitting up the bars with Braydon for 4 years must have been quite the ride. To those younger than him, myself included, he’s been both a friend and a mentor. He’s taught me a lot about what it takes to be a great leader, and about how important it is to always treat those in your charge with the utmost respect. There is no doubt that he has had similar positive influences on countless other people in his life. In regards to any prospective MIDN, Braydon had this to say, “It doesn’t get easier; you just get better at handling it.  So loosen up, relax your shoulders, find what works for you, and have fun with it.  You’ll learn when you need to put on the serious face, so no need to wear it everyday.”… Wise words from a wise man.

Thank you Braydon for all you’ve done in your time here.

By Connor Fulton

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