Senior Spotlight: Karly Boettcher

Midn 1/c Karly Boettcher will graduate next month as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. She attends Boston University and majors in Health Science at Sargent College. Midn Boettcher has always had the desire to serve her country, and her dedication to the NROTC program proves that she is very committed to her dream of becoming a Marine Officer. This past summer she graduated Officer Candidate School and was selected as BnXO for this Spring Semester.

Midn Boettcher takes her job as a leader seriously. She is a strong believer in mentorship and setting the right example. According to Midn Boettcher, “There is no set path or decision that is right for everyone, but if you always carry yourself with honor and integrity, that is something that everyone can look up to.”

As a future Marine Officer, Midn Boettcher hopes to join the aviation community and is currently awaiting a flight contract. The aviation community suits Midn Boettcher’s personality well. She is adventurous and loves life. This past fall semester Midn Boettcher studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland where she had an amazing experience.

Outside of NROTC, you will find Midn Boettcher enjoying the great outdoors. She loves participating in activities such as swimming, biking, and hiking (a great Marine Corps pastime). She is also an avid gym goer and is currently training to become an instructor for Russian Kettle Bells. If she was stuck on a desert island all she would need would be some good books, sunscreen, and food. Midn Boettcher stays true to her roots as a future Marine Corps Officer. Marines are used to being stuck outside with the bare minimum.

Midn Boettcher’s time at the BU NROTC unit is coming to an end. Her advice to rising underclassmen is “look for the training value in ROTC. Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Failure is a part of learning. In order to be successful you must learn from your mistakes.

Semper Gumby Always Flexible is her motto. “Things are always going to change, but you’ve got to adapt and [overcome].”

The Old Ironsides Battalion wishes Midn 1/c Karly Boettcher luck in her future endeavors and her next training school TBS in Quantico, Virginia where she will report this fall.

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