Senior Spotlight: Vadim Reytblat

MIDN 1/c Vadim Reytblat has been a force of wisdom and guidance through his ROTC career in the Old Ironsides Battalion. As a leader and mentor throughout his four years, Reytblat has proven to be an example of toughness, focus, and commitment to service. Although born in the Ukraine, MIDN Reytblat grew up in America, specifically, Los Angeles. To Tufts and to Navy ROTC, he brought a love for activity–anything outdoors and sporty–as well as his competitive spirit, an appetite for reading, studying leadership examples, and engaging in thoughtful conversations.

His values as a leader could best be epitomized by Gunnery Sergeant Basilone, a World War II Medal of Honor recipient, as well as by Justice Louis Brandeis, a member of the Supreme Court, once hailed as a “Robin Hood of the law.” A man of principle, MIDN Reytblat emphasizes the importance of listening, apologizing, and seeking consultation before acting on important decisions that will affect a group. Additionally, MIDN Reytblat consistently expresses gratitude to those around him and he believes in the power of the people who wear the uniform.

While he will be leaving Boston for the 10th Fleet–to work in Cyber Command–he carries with him the preparedness afforded by his Tufts Mechanical Engineering degree, but more importantly his paracord and knife–ready for the challenge of an Intel officer career. If you want to catch him before graduation, commission, and leaving Boston, he always loves a homecooked meal!

MIDN 2/C Schott

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