BU Company Begins the Semester

By MIDN 2/c Reid

Boston, Massachusetts–Wednesday morning, September 2, BU kicked off the 2015 fall semester with the first Leadership Lab. As at the start of every semester, we had several upperclass midshipmen and members of the company staff stand up and express their expectations from the Company and how they plan on accomplishing the goals that we set as an NROTC unit throughout the year. Speakers included Battalion Commanding Officer, Captain Benke, CPO MIDN 2/c Pat Lavin, and BU Company Commander, MIDN 1/c Conner Love, as well as MIDN 1/c Holcomb, Boston Consortium’s Battalion Commander.

Holcomb explained in terms of his plan for the fall, “My vision for this semester is to focus on ethical decision-making, open and efficient communication, and interaction with current Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Some of our new initiatives include conversations with Chiefs and NCOs, an emphasis on midshipman feedback through SITREPs and the Anymouse boxes, and understanding relevant situations that we may encounter in the fleet. These three aspects of our training will prepare the midshipmen of the Boston NROTC battalion to enter the fleet as capable junior officers and leaders.”

In addition, a few MIDN had a chance to speak about their experiences on their respective summer cruises, which included stories about swim quals off of a sub, watching flight ops on a carrier off the coast of Bahrain, and getting a chance to take control of a helicopter in Georgia. In our last segment we had the incoming 4/c introduce themselves to the company and explain why they joined the program and what they find valuable in serving their country. As a new class of freshmen arrives, upperclassmen take on higher leadership roles and are one step closer to commissioning as Naval Officers.


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