Celebrating the Navy’s 240th Birthday

By MIDN 2/C Reid

Saturday, October 10, Boston University’s GSU held the annual United States Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Ball for the Boston University and MIT NROTC Consortium. The event was a roaring success due to the efforts of MIDN 2/C Monica Shifflet and the midshipmen who assisted her. The special guest speaker was CDR Jason Williamson, a Naval Aviator who graduated and commissioned through Boston University NROTC.


As is the tradition of the Ball, the 1/C midshipmen arrived early to meet the guests and introduce their dates to different members of the staff. As everyone arrived, the ceremony began and included many traditional elements such as the posting of colors with sword detail, a description of the POW/MIA table, and the cutting of the birthday cake.

Our esteemed speaker and guest CDR Williamson recently took position as the Executive Officer of the “Pelicans” of P-8 Patrol Squadron Forty Five (VP-45). His speech touched on how influential his twenty years in the service has been on his life, how the midshipmen in the room are the future of the Navy and Marine Corps, and that there are hundreds of men and women across the world who are standing watch at this moment, serving their country.


CDR Williamson focused much of his speech on the theme of the Ball: “Navy Reserves: Ready Then, Ready Now, Ready Always.”

Ready THEN: Two-thirds (70%) of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, most of the world’s population lives close to a coast (80%), and almost all (90%) global trade travels by sea. Born a maritime nation, 240 years of service have proved that in peace and in war, a strong, forward-deployed Navy is key to America’s success.

Ready NOW: More than ever, today’s Navy is demographically representative of the nation we serve, which is critically important both to the quality of our all-volunteer force and to fulfilling the principles of the republic we defend.

Ready ALWAYS: Our Sailors and Civilians continue a two-century tradition of war-fighting excellence, adaptation, and resilience. A key component to our success over the past 100 years has been our Navy Reserve. As uniformed service members, Navy Reservists expand our capacity with ready, plug-‘n-play experience, discipline and skills; as civilians, they bring diverse work experience and out-of-the-box problem solving tools to the Navy.


Every year the Boston Consortium looks forward to the Birthday Ball as a chance to celebrate the heritage of the Navy and Marine Corps, and enjoy a fun evening battalion-wide. This year was no different and we extend a special thanks to MIDN 2/C Shifflet and the guests who were able to enjoy it with us.


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