Boston University Company Pass in Review


by MIDN 3/c Abraham

This past Saturday, the NROTC Boston University Company joined with cadets from Air Force and Army ROTC for the 33rd annual Pass In Review. The Pass In Review is a long-standing military ceremony that ensures battle readiness of troops, and recognizes the commitment and dedication graduating midshipmen and cadets have demonstrated throughout their involvement in ROTC. The ceremony also introduces the future generation of servicemen and women to the established traditions and customs of the armed forces.

Though the morning was at first frigid and windy, by the time Major General Craig Olson took the podium as the guest speaker, the sun was shining and Nickerson Field was beginning to warm. General Olson spoke of the experiences he has encountered and the people he has served for and alongside throughout his 33 year career in the United States Air Force. His assertion that throughout his career he has never actually worked a day in his life expresses his true passion and commitment to serving his country, and it is a perspective that Midshipmen and Cadets should attempt to emulate in their future military careers.

The Company Commander, MIDN 1/c Connor Love, along with Platoon Commanders MIDN 1/c Jason Grissino and Sean Spata led the Midshipmen in formation for the duration of the ceremony, which ran smoothly and timely.

The Pass in Review ceremony took place over Boston University’s Parents weekend and offered many mothers and fathers the opportunity to witness their son or daughter participate in this memorable event. After the Pass In Review, Boston University held a reception inside Agganis Arena for the attendees, the students and their families.


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