Midshipmen Gain Valuable Knowledge at Leadership Lab

Pass In Review

Written by MIDN 4/C Julia Russo

This past Wednesday, Boston NROTC Consortium’s BU Company was privileged to host two senior Navy leaders: Captain Ted LeClair and Captain James H. Lee. Captain LeClair is the Commanding Officer of the CNO Warfare Systems Reserve Support Unit. A 1991 Villanova University NROTC graduate, he holds two graduate degrees and has operational experience in the nearly every theater. In his civilian career, CAPT LeClair is a senior executive at Natixis Global Asset Management, a firm that manages over $850 billion world-wide.

Captain LeClair offered valuable insight to the midshipmen on how to be a successful leader in the United States Navy. He shared several key leadership skills. He explained that in order to be successful, you have to overcome adversity. He also suggested that midshipmen should work outside of their comfort zones and become familiar with people different than themselves in order to broaden their leadership abilities. Captain LeClair also provided several tools and outlines to help midshipmen improve and strengthen their leadership. These tools included Maslow’s Hierarchy, Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and Leadership, and Saltwater Leadership by Rear Admiral Wray. He advised that the midshipmen should become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses because in order to successfully lead others, you need to know yourself and be a lifelong learner.

Our next speaker was Captain James H. Lee, who is a member of the Engineering Duty Officer and Navy Space Cadre communities. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University, a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He leads C4I/Space activities in the NAVSEA System Engineering reserve unit. This provides EDO skillsets supporting activities within MDA, SSP, Cybersecurity, C4I, Combat Systems and Navy Space. CAPT Lee has supported national space programs as GPS acquisition lead, systems engineer, and customer representative for mission payload initialization.

Captain Lee told the midshipmen about the pipeline for the Engineering Duty Officer community and what such a career would entail. He explained that Engineering Duty Officers (EDOs) are a unique cadre of naval officers who have operational, technical and business experience. EDOs are the technical and business leaders of the United States Navy, developing system-engineered solutions to meet fleet warfighting requirements and focus on research and development, design, acquisition, construction, modernization, and life cycle management. Captain Lee also explained that EDOs are committed to business education and execute a continuum of professional training and experience.

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