Midshipmen Give Back to the Community

St. Francis House

Photo by MIDN 4/C Savannah Clarke

Written by MIDN 4/C Will Singley

Eight midshipmen from Boston College and Boston University volunteered their time at St. Francis House on Boylston Street. The largest day shelter in Massachusetts for the poor and homeless, St. Francis House provides a multitude of services including meals, counseling, clothing, and mail and ID services for those looking to get back on their feet in downtown Boston. Open every day of the year, over six hundred people seek its refuge each day.

Led by Community Service OIC, MIDN 3/C Catherine Senoyuit, the group spent their morning and early afternoon working in and around the kitchen. MIDN Senoyuit had volunteered frequently at St. Francis House this past semester, working mostly with clothing distribution before bringing along her fellow midshipmen. The midshipmen began by preparing twelve hundred hummus meatballs for the following day’s lunch. While some continued to prep for future meals, others stepped outside the kitchen to serve warm soup and salad to those looking to escape the blustery Sunday weather. By the time lunch ended, St. Francis House had served all of its available food it had prepped for lunch.

After cleaning up the kitchen and seating area, the volunteers were able to enjoy the rest of their Sunday afternoon, which for many included a Valentine’s Day date or the comfort of their heated dorms. While the impact of service to one’s community is felt any day, the midshipmen felt they chose a good time to give back when they returned to the T in the extreme weather.

Volunteers included: MIDN 3/c Brewer, MIDN 3/c Charboneau, MIDN 4/c Clarke, MIDN 3/c Gozdur, MIDN 4/c Ly, MIDN 3/c Palomo, MIDN 3/c Senoyuit, and MIDN 4/c Singley. While many others expressed their interest in going, St. Francis House could only accommodate the first eight.

If you are looking how you can help St. Francis House carry out its mission, you can visit them at: www.stfrancishouse.org.



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