Notre Dame Leadership Conference



Written by MIDN 2/C Lauren Mandaville

Photos by MIDN 3/C Catherine Senoyuit

On February 25-28, MIDN Burns, Holcomb, Mandaville, and Senoyuit represented the Boston Consortium at the Notre Dame Naval Leadership Conference. They went excited and came back with new friendships, guidance, and inspiration for their JO careers.

On this 21st consecutive year of the conference, the list of speakers was impressive: it began with a motivational talk by SgtMaj LeHew and continued on to include a JO Panel, a Navy Captain, a Marine Corps Major General, and no fewer than three Admirals, including the Keynote Speaker, Admiral Davidson, Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command. Besides the talks, MIDN had the chance to work through what they’d learned with ethical discussions as well as to interact directly with each other and even with many of the speakers.

The theme of the weekend was “One Team, One Fight,” and speakers’ talks often overlapped to cover common themes of humility, integrity, passion, competence, and commitment to both one’s mission and one’s people. These points were emphasized with memorable aphorisms, such as: “no one comes to work planning to do a bad job” and “don’t look back unless you want to go that way,”

All four MIDN came back impressed with the conference and highly recommended it to their fellow MIDN in the future. In the middle of midterms and busy schedules, it was good to take a step back and remember what everything was for.

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