Midshipmen Step Outside Their Comfort Zone

Written by 3/C Griffin Keegan

On Sunday, February 28th, Second Platoon of the BU Company made a trip to the rock-climbing wall at the BU FitRec. Led by Platoon Commander MIDN 1/C Potts, the Midshipmen spent roughly an hour scaling (and failing to scale) many different walls of varying difficulty levels.

Owing to the recent initiative for more platoon and squad activities, MIDN Potts thought rock climbing would be an excellent idea for platoon bonding. She said, “I wanted to get my whole platoon together doing something fun and different, while at the same time exposing them to opportunities at BU that they might not have thought to take advantage of in the first place”. The group, consisting of about half of 2nd Platoon, met up at the wall, and under the tutelage of the instructors there, performed free climbing of shorter walls and strapped in climbing of the larger ones, some as high as thirty feet. Some walls were easy, with first timers finding their way to the top with no problem, and others left even Midshipmen with previous experience stuck, or falling to the mats below. The event ended with a race between MIDN Gilbert and MIDN Kelly, with Gilbert taking home the win.

The participants could not speak highly enough of the experience, with MIDN Dwyer, who did a large amount of it in high school saying, “not only was it a great activity, from both a physical and enjoyment sense, it really brought the platoon closer together. I would highly recommend it, and plan to use it in the future, when I am in a higher leadership position”. MIDN Swartz also chimed in saying,“I enjoyed rock-climbing because it gave me an opportunity to interact with my platoon outside of the regular NROTC routine, which was very valuable”.

Potts was very happy with the way it turned out, commenting that “climbing is one of those rare actually fun workouts (at least to me) and when you finally get a climb a difficult wall, it’s instant gratification that you’re getting better… it’s super motivating to hear everyone cheer you on. It’s an awesome bonding experience”. Overall, the event was an overwhelming success, both by the consensus of the participants and the opinion of the organizer. It is something that future leaders should look into in the future, and may be a good option for PT as well.


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