Hail to LT Jones

Written by MIDN 4/C Leora Tofler

The Boston NROTC Consortium warmly welcomes LT Kalyn Jones aboard. She will be acting as the 3/C Advisor and Administrative Officer for the BU side. LT Jones will also be teaching a course on Sea Power and Maritime Affairs.

LT Jones has a wide array of expertise and experiences to offer the consortium. She attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy and earned her degree in Marine Operations and Technology. She has her third mate’s license and is qualified to work on a merchant ship. As a part of the academy’s curriculum she spent a few months of her sophomore and junior years working in a civilian maritime fleet. Her responsibilities included deck engineer, electrician and more. She always knew her destiny was in the air and after commissioning LT Jones began her work in flight school. She earned her wings in 2012 and ranked #1 in her class. She chose to fly the MH-60R and finished her aviation training with the Helicopter Strike Squadron Four Six in 2013. She was first deployed in 2013 to the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group on the Destroyer USS Bulkeley. Onboard, LT Jones acted as Helicopter Second Pilot and the Detachment Training Officer. Immediately following her first tour she earned Helicopter Aircraft Commander and soon after began her second deployment with the Theodore  Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group on the Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser, the USS Normandy. On this deployment, she was the Aircrew and Division Officer, Helicopter Aircraft Commander, and Air Operations Officer.

In Boston LT Jones will be working towards a masters degree in social work. She welcomes all midshipmen to stop by her office to talk. LT Jones is passionate about helping others and great at lending a listening ear. Her love of the Navy stems from the hard working men and women, functioning in both large and small roles. Her advice for midshipmen is to focus and “invest in the people around you and take care of them.”




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