Navy Takes Home the Sheehan Cup

Photo by MIDN 4/C Savannah Clarke

Written by MIDN 4/C John Kiefer

Early on the snowy Sunday morning of 02 April 2016, the Boston University NROTC Company mustered to compete with BU Army and Air Force Cadets for the Sheehan Cup. It has been several years since Navy has had their plaque set in the Cup; in recent history, Army has dominated the record of the rivalry. Not this year. In a near sweep, Navy came in first place in a strong majority of the events and it was a proud Navy BnCO MIDN 1/C Pushaw who hoisted the cup at the conclusion of the Closing Ceremonies.

Following the National Anthem, OIC MIDN Love’s Instruction, and CAPT Benke’s opening remarks, team Navy took to the pool. The Navy and Marine Core Midshipmen dominated the water events, as in their nature, by sweeping first place in the 4×50 Medley Relay, 4×100 Freestyle Relay, and 4×50 Freestyle Relay with Boston College MIDN Hamilton, Spata, Koch, Savage, and Litwin, and Boston University’s MIDN King, Sternstein, and Lopez leading the way to a sound victory.

The competition proceeded down the street to Boston University’s Indoor Track and Field Complex for the remainder of the events. In the 4×800 Rifle Relay, Army rallied to take first. Freshman Marine Option MIDN Gosselin and Adams put their Semper Fidelis Society workouts to use in the longest and most punishing event of the day, the Iron Man competition. They collectively completed a 800M run, 200 pushups, 50 burpees, 200 sit-ups, 200M ammo can carry, 100 ammo can presses, 200M buddy carry, and a 400M run in under 19 minutes to win gold. Immediately following, in the Iron Woman Challenge Marine MIDN 1/c Pushaw and Navy MIDN 4/c Tofler jointed efforts to completely shatter the competition with a completion time of just over 18 minutes.

In the penultimate competition, the tire flip, MIDN Conkey and Kellner came in late to beat the Air Force’s standing time to keep the gold-medal streak alive.

Finally, in a test of brute strength, the tug-of-war competition was won by Air Force despite the vein-popping battle cries of Marine Option MIDN Brewer from the sidelines. In an encore performance, the always motivated Marine Corps Gunnery Sargent Askew announced an improvised joint staff competition following the MIDN Events: Army, Air Force, and BU Physical Trainer Brent vs. Navy and Marine Corps. GySgt Askew, LT Mondloch, CDR Masterson, LT Tribou, and LT Lucido redeemed the MIDN with a hard-fought victory.

Most motivating about the day, however, was not the dominating victories, but the fighting spirit of each branch and their unwillingness to give up or leave a member of any command behind. After running an iron man of their own, Cadets and MIDN cheered on and ran beside the Cadets who still remained far after the winner had been declared. At the end of the day, we are and always will be one team for one fight.

A Proud Midshipmen Battalion Commander- MIDN 1/C Carolyn Pushaw, Photo by MIDN 1/C Katrina Longest

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