MIDN Experience the UCMJ in Action

Photo and Article by MIDN 4/C Quinn Magendanz

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the governing document of the military justice system.  On 6 April 2016, during a Battalion leadership lab, midshipmen had the opportunity to witness and take part in proceedings outlined in the UCMJ.

The lab centered around scenarios performed by several midshipmen from the battalion with CAPT Benke and CDR Masterson.  During these vignettes, which covered a variety of UCMJ violations, the participants demonstrated the proceedings associated with  Non-judicial Punishment (NJP, known in the Navy as Captain’s Mast and in the Marine Corps as Office Hours) and Administrative Separation (AdSep).  Following each of the scenarios, CAPT Benke and CDR Masterson explained what factors they considered as leaders when assessing the appropriate consequences.

To wrap up the lab, the Boston Battalion welcomed LCDR Nadella, a Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) and instructor at Naval Justice School in Newport, RI.  He provided his perspective on the UCMJ and led a discussion with midshipmen about its roles in maintaining good order and discipline in the military.  LCDR Nadella also discussed the role of leadership on improving performance and discipline among junior sailors and marines.

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