Four New Officers Commissioned at Boston College

BC Commissioning 2016By ENS Jasper Burns

Boston Consortium NROTC commissioned four Boston College graduates into the Navy and Marine Corps last Sunday, May 22nd. ENS Longest, ENS Rogers, ENS Spata, and 2nd LT Hamilton all commissioned in a joint ceremony with BC army cadets on the Bapst Lawn.

The Master of Ceremonies was Army Cadet Robert Chesler, who introduced the commissionees and introduced the Professor of Military Science, LtCol Timothy Ferguson. Following LtCol Ferguson’s remarks, were those by the Guest of Honor, Major General James F. Pasquarette, Commanding General of United States Army Japan, who had flown in from Japan the previous night for the sake of this commissioning.  He noted that being at the ceremony was not a burden, but an honor.

After his speech, each commissionee came up in turn to take their oath. 2nd Lt Connell of BC Army said some words as class speaker, and then all the new officers received their first salutes in front of BC’s Golden Eagle.

MIDN 1/C Reid noted that “One of the best parts about this ceremony was that it brought BC’s Army and Navy units together, which is something that doesn’t happen too often. As a result, there were many jokes regarding the age-old rivalry between the two branches, but the guest speakers also spoke about joint operations between the two and the importance of each branch by itself.”

ENS Longest and ENS Rogers will be reporting to Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton as Navy Nurses. ENS Spata is going to Naval Aviation Schools Command in Pensacola as a Naval Flight Officer, and 2nd Lt Hamilton will be headed to The Basic School in Quantico, Virginia for training as a Marine Officer.

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