Article by MIDN 2/c Palomo, photo by MIDN 3/c Clarke


On October 5th, Admiral Michael Rogers, who is the Commander of US Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency visited the Boston NROTC Consortium.  In his speech, the Admiral addressed a range of topics from his personal journey and experiences to leadership knowledge.  What was striking about his speech was how clear he loves this job and believes in what it stands for.  The passion he showed was inspiring, as he discussed the hardships and sacrifices associated military lifestyle.  He stressed the importance of family and the invaluable support system they offer.  As future military members, we need to be aware of how much our families sacrifice for us and appreciate their sacrifices as well.  “Seeing Admiral Rogers was a really unique and enjoyable experience.  It’s not everyday one gets to see a four-star admiral, especially not one with so much responsibility in such a high profile evolving command.  His remarks informative and inspiring, and his passion for service really shone throughout his time with us.”- MIDN Ramirez.

After his speech, he opened the floor up to questions from the Midshipman.  He shared his perspectives on topics like ISIS, leadership techniques, and mission accomplishment. He has held joint positions involving the Marines, Air force, Army, and Navy since the O-6 level.  The cultures between the four branches are distinct and unique, each having their own strengths and weakness. Joint cooperation between the branches is the way our military is shifting and being able to combine the best parts of each service will be essential.  The discussion was engaging and thought provoking shedding a new light on a wide range of topics.  Many of the Midshipman feel that Admiral Rogers was one of the best guest speakers that we have had the privilege of hosting.  MIDN Haley reflects, “Its always great to have high ranking officers willing to engage us directly here in Boston, but is was especially interesting to hear from an operational commander about not only his path through his career but about the issues that the Navy faces today in terms of cyber security.”


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