Tri-Service Balls for BU and MIT Companies

Although the US Department of Defense contains four different branches, we all take the same Oath to support and defend Our Constitution.

Midshipmen from the Boston NROTC Battalion learn about inter-branch camaraderie and the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships with our Brothers and Sisters in arms, both on and off the battlefield. Honored by the presence of Army and Air Force ROTC battalions, Midshipmen share an evening of ceremony, dinner and dance with our fellow future officers.

This is a tradition that has surpassed decades among ROTC battalions across the country, and this will not be the last time we share a meal with our Brothers and Sisters from other branches.

The first four images were taken at the BU Company Tri-Service Ball held at the Metcalf Ballroom at Boston University and the last five images were taken at the MIT Company Tri-Service Ball at the Sheraton Commander Hotel.