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Spring 2018 Change of Command


The Change of Command ceremony is a time honored tradition in the Navy. Representing a formal transfer of authority from one person to another, the ceremony ensures that the unit and its sailors are never without leadership, or uncertain as to who their leader is. As Midshipmen, the biannual Change of Command ceremony is, for many, the first time they will bear witness to such an event. However, this is by no means the last time they will see one.

Looking sharp in summer whites, all of Boston Consortium NROTC, Midshipmen and officers alike, watched as MIDN 1/C Brewer exchanged command over the Battalion with MIDN 2/C Singley. With the simple words of “I am ready to be relieved,” spoken by MIDN 1/C Brewer, the transfer of authority over the Battalion began. The transfer to MIDN 2/C Singley’s authority was signified by the passing of a flag from the former Battalion Commander to the new.

The new Battalion Commander, MIDN 2/C Singley, spoke briefly on his goals next semester for the Battalion following the ceremony. He plans to continue some of the changes implemented by MIDN 1/C Brewer in the previous semester, but will be making changes of his own, ones he believes will lead the Battalion in an even better direction than before.

Awards were given to select Midshipmen following the Change of Command ceremony to celebrate the their accomplishments during the semester. Special guests representing many different groups honored Midshipmen with gifts such as scholarships, novels, and dress swords.  

This Change of Command ceremony signaled the end of the year for Midshipmen and the start of a well-deserved vacation, and for many, summer cruise. Change of Command is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the Battalion, and look forward to what will come next. Food and refreshments were served after the ceremony concluded, allowing Midshipmen had one last opportunity to say goodbye to their friends and classmates before they went their separate ways for the summer.


Written by MIDN 4/C Pavón, photos by Ms. Phyllis Norwood


Senior Spotlight: Kevin Zhu


MIDN 1/C Kevin Zhu

Hometown: Boston, MA

School: Harvard University

Major: Visual and Environmental Studies

Service Selection: Marines

What motivated you to become a Marine?

As a kid who didn’t have any direction and wanted to do more, the military seemed like a good option. I wanted to give back and the military was how to do it. The USMC has a legend behind it and it was something I wanted to be a part of. Also, they have a great marketing campaign! 


Any words of wisdom for the MIDN currently preparing for OCS? 

Take it as a learning experience. There’s this perception that it’s all mental and a type of screening process, which is partly true. But if you go in with a positive attitude and take it as a learning experience, you can maintain that positivity throughout the process. Don’t go in not wanting to drop, go in trying to excel. 


Your next step is TBS (The Basic School), do you have any trajectory mapped out career-wise, Marine Corps and Beyond?

I want to keep an open mind going into TBS, MOS wise at least. I want to take it as a learning experience and get to speak to some officers from various MOS’s. After the Marine Corps I think I want to go to graduate school for art and architecture or design. Again, I’m leaving things pretty open ended.


Any chance of you becoming an artist?

Yeah, if I go the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) route. If I decide I’m going to do it then I’m going to do it. Commit 100 percent. 


A decade from now, what do you think you’ll remember most about your time in NROTC?

Midshipman Michael Paul Haley.


What are you most excited for after commissioning?

Going to TBS and learning actual technical skills to make me a competent leader. And I guess getting paid will be a nice perk.


How do you spend most of your time outside of ROTC? 

Art stuff and art classes. If I’ll be honest I read a lot of books, I work out, and I watch south park. 


Who’s your biggest inspiration? 

Midshipman Michael Paul Haley’s dad, Captain Paul Haley. Aka, “The Colonel”.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Lightning speed like the flash, only my eyebrows and clothing don’t burn off (resistant to friction).


Any funny ROTC stories? 

I once had a conversation with Gunnery Sgt. Askew about why my name wasn’t spelled Zu, but with a long line over the u. 

John D. O’Bryant NJROTC Visit


On Friday, May 26th a group of NJROTC students from the John D. O’Bryant came to the MIT unit.

Their visit started with a brief tour of the facilities given by Midshipman Hermesch and Ensign Vivilecchia. The JROTC cadets were shown many of the spaces that the midshipmen utilize to conduct their training. The cadets received short introductions to both the COVE and JMS and a brief on how they are used to aid officer development.

Upon completion of the tour MIDN Hermesch and ENS Vivilecchia gave a brief on the purpose of the ROTC program as well as a day in the life of a midshipman. The cadets took the opportunity to ask questions regarding their potential futures in the program.

Tri-Service Balls for BU and MIT Companies

Although the US Department of Defense contains four different branches, we all take the same Oath to support and defend Our Constitution.

Midshipmen from the Boston NROTC Battalion learn about inter-branch camaraderie and the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships with our Brothers and Sisters in arms, both on and off the battlefield. Honored by the presence of Army and Air Force ROTC battalions, Midshipmen share an evening of ceremony, dinner and dance with our fellow future officers.

This is a tradition that has surpassed decades among ROTC battalions across the country, and this will not be the last time we share a meal with our Brothers and Sisters from other branches.

The first four images were taken at the BU Company Tri-Service Ball held at the Metcalf Ballroom at Boston University and the last five images were taken at the MIT Company Tri-Service Ball at the Sheraton Commander Hotel.

Live Fire Shooting at Ames Rifle & Pistol Club

The weekend after learning the basics of marksmanship and weapon safety at Fort Devens, midshipmen from the Boston NROTC Battalion went to Ames Rifle & Pistol Club in Easton, MA to take the MA Concealed Carry class A course.

With one-on-one, highly-trained supervision from the weapons experts at the site, midshipmen had the opportunity to shoot 10 rounds of both .22 and 9mm caliber bullets at multiple different targets.

With this training, seniors have fulfilled their commissioning requirement of small-arms handling and they’re well on their way to take the Oath of Office later in May.

Dry Fire Shooting at Fort Devens

On 11 FEB, the senior class and some underclassmen from the Boston NROTC Battalion had the opportunity to go to Fort Devens for small-arms familiarization. Using the Navy’s standard small-arm, the Beretta M9 pistol, midshipmen were able to learn and employ the basics of marksmanship, weapon safety rules and conditions under guidance from SSgt Waldrep, USMC.

USNA Leadership Conference at Annapolis, MD

Earlier this year, Midshipmen from the Boston NROTC Battalion had the opportunity to attend the USNA Leadership Conference at Annapolis, MD, where they obtained the unique experience to hear from leaders such as Gen. Amos, USMC (ret., 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps), SgtMaj Kent USMC (ret., 16th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps) and Ms. Jodi Greene (Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (Policy)).

-Photos provided by MIDN 1/C M. Shifflet